Things to know...


When a person speaks, their name is in capital letters and their chat continues on in light blue text.
Something to note is that the anime also followed with a narrator, so that text is on a blue background.

I aim to blend in text from the anime and book together and it's quite a job, so this is why it's still in the process of being made.

The book text has been modifed from The Project Gutenberg Etext of Anne of Green Gables.

01 Matthew Cuthbert is Surprised
02Marilla Cuthbert is Surprised
03Morning of Green Gables
04Anne's History
05Marilla Makes up Her Mind
06Anne of Green Gables
07Mrs. Rachel Lynde is Properly Horrified
08Anne's Impressions of Sunday School
09A Solemn Vow
10Anne Plays with a Best Friend
11Anne Loses the Amethyst Brooch
12Anne's Confession
13Anne Goes to School
14A Tempest In Class
15Fall is Coming
16Diana is Invited to Tea
17Anne Returns to School
18Anne Rescues Minnie May
19Diana's Birthday
20Spring Once Again
21The New Minister's Wife
22The Wrong Ingredient
23Anne is Invited to Tea
24An Affair of Honour
25A Letter to Diana
26 The Concert Plan
27Matthew and the Clothes Shop
28The Christmas Concert
29Anne Starts the Story-telling Club
30Vanity and Vexation of Spirit
31An Unfortunate Lily Maid
32An Epoch in Anne's Life
33An Invitation to Queen's Class
34Diana and the Students at Queens
35Longing for the Summer Holidays
36The Future of the Story Club
37A 15-Year-Old's Spring
38My Number is 13
39The Results
40The Concert Hotel
41Off to Queen's College
42Life on a New Campus
43Home for the Weekends
44The Winter at Queen's
45The Glory and the Dream
46Matthew's Love
47The Reaper Whose Name is Death
48Matthew's Farewell
49The Bend in the Road
50God's in Heaven, All is Well on Earth